Policies & Procedures

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Policies & Procedures

By placing an order, you are agreeing to all of the below policies. 

*FAQ and Policies*

-How much do you charge? 
The price of a cake can differ greatly. I HAVE to have this information to give you a quote:

Time of event:
Guest count: 

-What flavors do you offer? 

My flavor lists are attached to this post in the photos. 

-Do you make gluten free cakes? 

I don't, but I highly recommend Just Bite Me Creations or CC Confectionery Creations for gluten free treats. 

Do you make cookies? 

I don't, but I highly recommend Just Bite Me Creations, Soiree's by Shannon, Ellie's Sweet Kitchen, Barlau's Bakery, and Shelby Cakes Wichita Falls for custom cookies. 

-Do you do cake tastings? 

Yes, it is $20 to sample two flavors of cake and buttercream, and $30 to sample three flavors of each. 

-What is your PayPal, Venmo, or Cashapp? 

Venmo: @stacked-from-scratch
Cashapp: $stackedfromscratch

Please put your event date somewhere on your payment. 

-Where are you located? 

I operate under the Texas Cottage Food Law. I have a Texas Food Handler's card, and I am ServSafe certified. I do not list my address on the internet for the safety and privacy of my family. If you will be picking up an order, my address will be given to you at that time. 

-Why can't you fit me in, it's just a cake? 

The average cake takes between 6-8 hours of planning, shopping, and baking. Assembly could take 2-3 hours. Creation of handmade decorations could take days. 


- I must have written agreement that you have read and will adhere to these policies prior to me accepting ANY order, no exceptions. 

- Defamation will be followed by legal action, period. 

-I will not duplicate other artist's work, nor will I make a cake identical to one of my own. Each cake will be individual to you and your celebration. 

-Deposits for special events are $20, with the remaining balance due when the cake is exchanged. 

-Deposits for weddings are 35% of the total, with the remaining balance due 30 days prior to the event. 

-Deposits are non-refundable

-Deposits must be made by PayPal, Venmo, or Cashapp. I will NOT accept cash, checks, or money orders as deposits as of 1/1/2020. 

-Deposits have no grace period. If a deposit is not received, that date is still available to other clients. I cannot and will not hold a date without a deposit. 

-Payments can be made via PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp, Check, Money Order, and cash. If you pay with cash, you will receive a receipt. 

-I offer Paypal layaway, with a $20 deposit, balance can be paid off in any increment until paid in full. Layaway is not refundable.

-If you fail to pay your deposit, I am not responsible for another person booking your date. I cannot guarantee a date without a deposit. If we have made other arrangements, this does not apply to you.  

-Please do not ask me to do a cake for less than I have quoted you. I operate a business. If the price I give you is not to your satisfaction, then I do offer cupcakes. I work very hard, my work is worth what I ask.  

-Serving sizes are listed in the attached chart. If you want slices larger than 1"x 1/2" x 2", please notify me as this will change the size and cost of your cake. I will not be held responsible for cake shortage due to larger than listed slices. 

-Cakes taller than one tier, or wider than 12 inches will come in a repurposed box for transportation. Repurposed boxes keep your prices low. No part of this box will ever come in contact with your cake, it is strictly for moving purposes. If you aren't comfortable with you cake in a repurposed box, I will gladly order a box to accommodate the full size of your cake. The cost of this box will be included in your final cost. 

-I answer all messages within 24 hours. Please do not repeatedly message me asking for replies, I always respond when I can, many times within the hour if possible. There is no such thing as a cake "emergency", please understand that my family comes first. 

-I have the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime. I also have the right to remove you from the Facebook page if you fail to be appropriate or kind. Please do not use profanity, hate speech, or any other inappropriate comments. Cake is fun, let's keep it that way. If you don't like my work, then don't follow my page. I will not tolerate any bad mouthing of ANY other bakers, businesses, bakeries, etc. Be KIND! 

-Please do not send me a friend request unless I personally know you. Ordering a cake can be done through my business page, email, text, website, etc., And does not require being Facebook friends. I LOVE my clients, and many eventually become friends, but for the safety of my family, especially our child, I will not accept requests from people I don't know. Thank you for your understanding, and not taking this policy personally.

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